Just got my new gnex up and going. Usually I am a rooter with my android phones, usually as soon as i open it up, however part of what I liked about the gnex was i dont feel like i have to right off the bat, its speedy, and most of the bloat BS isn't there anyway.

However, i used titanium backup on my droid x to back up all my app data, and would like to restore most of this stuff to my new gnex, however it isn't rooted, and I'd like to not root it right now honestly. Is there any simple way to pull this off? The only things I can't figure out myself seems to be game saves, app history, that kind of thing.

PS, this phone is sick, so sick. Biggest complaint: the back plastic cover is so...so...so cheap, and I just hate having to put it back in my pushing those little tabs till they bend and click into place.