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Thread: "Iffy" GPS

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    "Iffy" GPS

    So I was certainly worried about purchasing this phone with the BING-lockdown and GPS issues.
    I figured getting over the Bing issues wouldn't be a big deal. And it's not. I was able to download Google Maps, so I"m happy. And on a side note, the phone is awesome.

    But the GPS issues are real. Right when I left the store I DL'ed Google Maps and it worked almost instantaneously. I was very happy. It found me right away and helped me get home. And I love the street view of my house. Great effect.

    BuT today, on my way to work I wanted to try it again, just to see if it worked. Well, I have a 15 minute communte and it took 10 minutes for the GPS to lock on. When it locked on it was right, but it took forever. It sad "Searching for GPS" for 10 minutes.

    My question is, does this happen for VZ Navigator too? I don't want to pay, so I don't want to try it. But has anyone else tried VZ Nav to see if it has the same issues? Becuase if the issues aren't there, then maybe it's a software issue that can be fixed? If it does the same for VZNav maybe it's a hardware issue and I may need to think about returning the phone. I'm just nto sure at this time. The rest of the phone is awesome. Granted , Im coming from a non-smartphone, but i played with the Fascinate, D2, DInc, and X at the VZW store and it just seemed better than the rest. And it hasn't dissapointed until today's GPS issues. So what does everyone else think? Is the problem fixable?
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    Havnt tride the VZ nav but had the same problem with both my wifes Fascinate as well as my own... Ofcourse by the time I got through to VZ operators aprox 10 min, Google maps finally found me on the GPS... I told them what was up and they werent surprised so we're probably not alone! I just rooted the phone and erased all the VZ crap. Hopefully as developers have more time with the phone updates will be made to strengthen this wonderful phone!


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