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Thread: Soft keys backlight issue

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    Soft keys backlight issue

    My only complaint with this phone is with how quickly the backlight for the soft keys goes out when you are in the dark. Is there a way to adjust the time to make the backlight last longer? Right now mine only stay on for about 3 seconds before going dim.
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    Yep, I didn't like this at first either mainly because the button placement is different than my D1, however I've gotten used to it now and it's a non issue. I did a pretty lengthy Google search yesterday on this topic but didn't come up with any results that were helpful. Sorry..
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    This is a huge annoyance/flaw with the fascinate. I hate how they turn off and then you can't see what button to push. Especially since I came from the Droid where the button placement was different.

    Can anybody tell me if there is an app or a way to keep those buttons turned on until I turn of the screen?
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    It sounds like they implemented this for battery longevity, I could imagine how this would be irritating, especially coming from the Original D

    I am sure there will be an app for this soon enough, I know on 2.1 for the Droid there was "LED's Hack" in the Market, it was a Root App and the Dev was easy to contact, this might be compatable with the Fascinate, if not now...soon

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    This is a known bug and is listed in the leaked list of issues the phone has.

    Samsung Fascinate Known Issues document leaks Boy Genius Report
    Samsung Fascinate

    Motorola Droid - Lithium Mod V1.0.12 - LauncherPro


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