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Thread: Does WiFi work if you don't have any plan?

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    Question Does WiFi work if you don't have any plan?

    I have a few questions, will explain first:

    I got a (well, ordered yesterday, it shipped today, arriving Friday) a Samsung Fascinate phone from eBay (so I can't return it) and found out the next day that my friend wants me off his family plan. NO WAY can I afford a plan from Verizon with Data (even the new $15).

    Q1: Don't want this new $400 phone to be a paperweight. Can I use it as a PMP / Internet Tablet if I have no cell plan for it?

    Option 2: Still use my new Verizon Samsung Fascinate as a cell phone, but w/no data plan.

    I know Verizon won't let me do this, which leads to this question: which other carriers (such as Cricket Wireless, Straight Talk, etc.) can I use this phone on? I've read about people using Verizon phones on other carriers, but I can't seem to find out for sure which ones you can do that with.

    I guess there is an App QuickSettings? (is that the name?) which can easily turn off the cell's 3-G data, I assume Wifi will still work when the 3G is off?
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    to the forum!

    Standard rules apply:

    Play nice. No flames. Keep it clean. Keep it family friendly. Don’t double-post. Don't feed the Mods, SMods, or Admins. They'll follow you home if you do, so really, it's for your own protection. (And do you really want to explain to your loved ones that, no matter how cute he or she is, you really want to keep them?)

    So, glad to have you on board! Have fun!

    Q1: Yes.

    Option 2 -- no, you have to have data to use a smartphone on Verizon. Sorry. You could flash to Cricket/etc, but that's a horrible process. If you don't have a data plan or are not activated on the network you don't have to worry about 3G at all. You simply won't have any unless you're on WiFi.
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    First, thanks.

    Cricket was the first carrier's web page I looked at. They cover my area (Columbus) but they don't accept subscribers from my area.

    Can you explain why it's such a pain to flash the phone so it will work with another carrier? Aren't there other carriers that will accept Verizon phones?

    New question: Is it really possible to brick a Fascinate by flashing? Can't you always recover/restore it one way or another?

    Yes I mentioned in my post that I know I can't [someday hopefully legislation will address this] be on Verizon, with a smart phone, with no data plan.

    I desperately want: to have one device which is both a cell phone, and, a nice WiFi web browser / email reader, since I have free WiFi almost everywhere I go. I just can't justify (and my wife would have a fit) paying $30 a month on top of the regular cell service.

    I currently carry a netbook around with me most of the time, getting tired of that.

    I looked into getting an Ipad Touch - I tried it in the store and it had unbelievably stupid limitations: I opened a yahoo email in the browser and saw a link someone had sent me. I could not SELECT the link to copy/past it. I could not CLICK the link and have it ask me if I want to open it in the browser. I couldn't do anything with the link other than LOOK at it.

    I tried the Archos 5 internet tablet. Seemed nice in some ways, cool little media player. But, I would miss the more pocket comfortable size, capacitive screen, and multi-touch of recent Android phones / iPhone / iPod...

    If the Galaxy Tab WiFi only model had been released already I would have jumped on that because it's just so awesome that I could [happily] tolerate having to carry a 2nd device (phone + tablet).

    So - please, if anyone knows, which other providers could I use my new Fascinate with so that I could use it as a phone, without a data plan?

    EDIT: I did try googling "use Verizon phone on" [other carriers, etc] before making this thread - most of what I found was old, not helpful, or inconclusive. I will keep looking...

    EDIT 2: Will add relevant links as I find them:

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