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Thread: Question about themes.

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    Question about themes.

    I'm currently running a rooted ED01 Froyo.

    I just flashed after Blue Steel began crashing on me; however, I'm currently looking into that now.

    Nevertheless, I really enjoy how Blue Steel felt. More specifically, how it operated. One convenient ability was accessing Group in contacts. while messaging. For example, when finding address ( To: ), I was able to access my Groups. I can not seem to do this in ED01. There are several other nuances I felt were more user friendly on Blue Steel than without. Is this inherent of Blue Steel, or can we update portions (i.e. Messaging) of what we liked?

    I guess what I'm asking is if "Blue Steel" is only an 'Edify" shell with no other function? And if so, How do I update my system?


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