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Thread: [KERNEL] AOSP VOODOO OC UV Based on EC10 Froyo source

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    [KERNEL] AOSP VOODOO OC UV Based on EC10 Froyo source

    All credit goes to nemesis2all over at XDA for this AOSP only Overclock voodoo kernel...

    Orig link: [KERNEL] AOSP VOODOO OC UV Based on EC10 Froyo source - xda-developers

    [KERNEL] AOSP VOODOO OC UV Based on EC10 Froyo source
    Alright here goes an oc kernel for aosp. It is undervolted by -50mv for now. I may change that depending on stability. Plan to add more steps in the future. Possibly intregrate BFS. This is built from jt1134's source.

    OC 1200 mhz and UV
    Voodoo lagfix, sound, color, bln
    Memory Tweaks
    Other various tweaks

    Thanks to
    jt1134 of course...he is the man
    supercurio for all of the wonderful work on project-voodoo
    adrynalyne for his roms and odin packages
    raspdeep for the oc settings
    enderst for allowing me to build on his machine....that is awesome and so l33t to ssh to build on a remote machine
    All of the testers
    Great people in IRC and anyone I might have missed.

    Of course as always flash at your own risk. I take no responsibility for anything going wrong with your phone or your dog running away.

    aosp_test.zip md5sum 318b808584f99dce24ac2dc463a3b104 test zip

    My git for souce https://github.com/nemesis2all
    HTC Thunderbolt
    ROM changes daily Radio
    2750mah Batt & Door

    YouTube: NSMetroid
    GTalk: tapout27@gmail.com
    Twitter: TapoutTwo7
    Xbox 360: Thaiboxer26
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    Hopefully all the aosp roms really start becoming fully functional now.

    Sent from my SC'd 2.9.2 ComaVolt'd Fascinate
    Twitter - hecantbreathe


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