All credit goes to kenesis over at XDA for this great theme

Orig link: [Theme][3/22/11][SC/DR] *New Transparent-Myst Revamped* - xda-developers

[Theme][3/22/11][SC/DR] *New Transparent-Myst Revamped*
So i've decided to clean up Trans-Myst a bit, and make it look even better. Please let me know anything suggestions or things wrong with it and i will fix asap.

Also to have transparent status bar on adw ex go to adwsettings > general behavior > system prefs. > uncheck wallpaper hack

I have a more ill be adding too

NOTE: these themes are outdated and unsupported for the moment.
Check out red version here
Check out 420 version here: here
Check out Clean Green version here
check out purple version here

Credit to:
-nitsuj17 for the base theme apps and images
-sbrissen for his reboot option, 5 lock, clock option mods
-DtachD for the removal of the dropdown icon text
-jatx2wne for gvoice
-ThatDudeButch for the sd animations
-DiGi for the honeycomb icons
--thanks guys and thanks to everyone else if i forgot you


Check it:

Disclaimer: i have nothing to do with broken/bricked phones although there should be no problems.