All credit goes to kenesis over at XDA for the awesome keyboard themes....Enjoy

Orig link: [APPS] Swype Themed Updated - xda-developers

[APPS] Swype Themed Updated
Hello everybody, I've recently playing with some themes for swype. Below are some themed swype APKs (not metamorphs, these are better). I will be updating the thread with more and more so check back every once in a while. I will also gladly take suggestions/feedback.

credit to thatdudebutch for the base apk (:
credit to hoey211 and sneaky_zekey for more images and inspiration

*install at own risk

Install as a normal apk, if you have trouble, try these steps (may not be neccessary).

Step 1: Change input method to a different keyboard by long pressing text field.

Step 2: Drop lib file into system/lib. You can use adb or an app like root explorer for this. (This step is for precautionary measures I'm not sure if its necessary yet).

Step 3: Download and install apk. The download links are below. You may push apk into system/app then install if you'd like also.

Step 4: Change input method back to swype and enjoy.

note: Some steps may not be necessary, i've had success by just doing nothing but downloading and installing apk. Im just trying to make sure people get it right if it dosent work, try reinstalling/rebooting.

B/W Swype

B/W download link

Dark Blue and White Swype

-white trail

Blue and White download link

Light Blue Swype

-matching trail

Light Blue download link

420 swype

420 swype download link

SuperDark Swype credit to ThatDudeButch

super dark swype download link

Swype White Blue

white blue dl link

Swype Red Glow

Swype Green Glow

green glow download link

Swype HTC

Swype htc download link

Swype White Purple

White purple download link

Swype Black Glass

blackglass download link

I realize there are imperfections in some of the themes... Im sorry i will try to fix them when i have time.

More coming soon!! ENJOY!!!!!