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Thread: Unknown Text Message Received

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    Unknown Text Message Received

    I was wondering if anyone has this happening to them.
    For the past 2 months I have been receiving unusual text messages whenever I go into my contact list. They come in pairs. First one says it's from 900-080-001087 second one is from 900-080-001089. Both messages contain the following text:
    "//MIM:android:25110SY 52 Please Log in again."
    The only difference is the "25110SY 52" portion (the "25" and "52" portions are different between the threads). And if you look at each of the messages' threads, the "25" portion increases sequentially with each message.
    I went to the "accounts" section in the phone's settings but everything shows that I am still logged in with no problems or errors.
    Could this have anything to do with Google's new 2-step increased security measures? I have been using them since they first came out. If so, how can I stop this from happening?
    I have also been receiving blank text messages from "Unknown" user for the same amount of time. Could this be related to the others? I did not install any new apps before this started happening. So I am at a loss as to finding a solution to this very annoying problem. Any ideas?

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    900-080-0040 / 9000800040 1/2 A fairly good thread about this. Seems it's a Verizon number.
    Baton Rouge, LA


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