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Thread: Gone through 3 defective Charges, Verizon doesn't care

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    Quote Originally Posted by EddieVersatile View Post
    I think the rattling you are talking about, is the accelerometer (or samsungs version of one) for the screens "auto-rotate" feature.. It has to have a moving piece in order to tell the phone which way gravity is pulling, which in turn, tells the screen which orientation to display in.
    Yes, now that I've read this thread if I shake mine in a motion like I was using it as a fan to cool myself off, I too hear that little rattle.

    I think you are correct in that the piece needs to move for orientation.

    As we get closer to the introduction of the Bionic we will see a rash of Charge buyers remorse as user look for an excuse to have VZ swap their Charge for a Bionic. I'm not saying the OP doesn't deserve a perfect device out of the box, but as soon as I see a mention of "Bionic" in a Charge complaint I think to myself "oh oh, here comes the jumping ship crowd to the latest new device"

    I see this happen at every introduction of each new device only to see the new device have even more issues and then wait another year for an update which solves only a few of the minor ones.

    That "little" rattle must be normal though in the Charge! It doesn't phase me anyway especially now that I'm now able to stream Netflix on this Charge's big beautiful Amoled screen
    I don't regret for a second at least "my" decision not to wait for the Bionic, once they sent the Bionic back to the drawing board I jumped on the Charge.
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    If there is anything I have learned about dealing with faulty devices through verizon, is ALWAYS call them. I have gone into numerous stores with dead phones or locked (even pre smartphone) and they dont really help. They don't have any real technical skills that you cant get done over the phone. Plus I find it easier to deal with the people on the phone, becasue they seem to be more willing to go the extra mile.(plus if you get the know it all rep who likes to not listen and talk down to you, you can always hang up and get someone else). I even had a rep call me back to check in to make sure the new phone was working properly. They are not about quotas on how many they sell like the stores are.
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    Well on the 3rd time they need to replace a phone for defective problems they have to replace it with the closest model they currently have. I had my motor x replaced by an incredible and my thunderbolt by the charge i had to threaten canceling on the charge but they cave since its policy(according to an employee that told me)

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