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Thread: Droid Charge: Why aren't you a Galaxy S2?

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    Droid Charge: Why aren't you a Galaxy S2?

    Those of us who are in that privileged class of persons who are eligible for upgrade have a lot of choices laid out for us. If you're on or coming to Verizon for their superior 4g service though, there seems to be only one device worth the astronomical sums of money they're asking for on contract. And if my research is correct, it isn't the Droid Charge by Samsung.

    Now, I know what you're thinking. And yes, Sammy has the prettiest screens out there with their AMOLED technology. We have to be honest in the fact that the screen is a major part of the smart phone package. But that's all the phone seems to have going for it.

    It's all old tech folks. The hummingbird processor is faster than the first generation of snapdragon processors by qualcomm. Is this hummingbird a second generation as well? If so nobody has told us about it. The HTC Thunderbolt sports a second generation version...does any one know if the hummingbird is still superior to the second gen? The RAM? Snore. The internal memory? Pathetic.

    What has me going is that they've got the gall to charge us $300 bucks for a phone that would have been cool last year. Sure, it runs on LTE, but unless there is some serious battery performance, there is no reason to take this phone over the TB. Especially if you like your updates not taking forever to reach you, and we all know how Sammy is in that regard.

    The samsung phone we really want to see on Verizon LTE is the Galaxy S 2 series. Problem is, we don't see this...instead we see HSPA+. Will we ever see it on VZ? And will it have LTE connectivity?

    Until that happy day, we're stuck being overcharged.
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    I agree that $300 is too much for this phone, especially when AT&T will get a similar version (Infuse 4g) with a slightly larger SAMOLED plus display (4.5 inches) and it will be $100 less.
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    The charge is just fine. It runs everything without any issues, only problem is failwiz that bogs it down a bit. Swap launcher, root and freeze all crap until a nice ROM comes out. I had the Tbolt and I can say that it's faster and the screen is amazing, and overall quality is better than HTC. I do agree 300 is too much but with a nice discount 100 bucks cough cough, my care torrent is below 0% on the cost.
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    Company phone here (free). My d1 crapped out, so it was this or the thunderbolt for me. Easy choice.


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