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Thread: Overclocking woes

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    Overclocking woes

    I tried to OC my Droid this morning and it hasn't been pretty. I first tried a manual OC using ADB and evilimg_.img. I tried the 1 GHz first and my phone wouldn't boot past the Motorola logo. I did the same process and tried the 800 MHz image, but no change. From there, I went back and reapplied a base 2.2 .sbf w/the hopes of resetting the phone back to factory-ish. That worked & the phone would boot, but the OS was flipping out on me saying that the battery was dead and it kept rebooting. (That was w/2 different working batteries and even w/no battery - just the a/c plug).

    At this point I took a step back and actually researched Droid overclocking (I understand it for PCs, but don't know the specifics re: the phone) - better late than never, right? After reading Skull's Overclocking 101 I recognized that the OS & battery issues were probably kernel related, so I tried a few different kernels from P3Designs. Using those the OS was slightly more stable and didn't report battery issues, but it still hung/froze/rebooted frequently on a variety of the speeds I tried. Sigh.

    At this point, I'm in the process of revering my entire phone back to a factory 2.0 image and I'll upgrade back to 2.2 from there. Now then, after all of that, my actual question is this: will re-imaging my phone using a stock .sbf override my OC attempts, or is the OC config somehow pre-sbf and still a concern I need to address? If I still need to fix it, how exactly do I do so? Thanks for the help all - I promise I'll read first and *then* tweak next time!
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    Overclocking is done via the kernel. Flashing a complete .sbf file with RSD Lite will overwrite system, data, recovery, your kernel, the radio version, and even your bootloader. Sounds like your troubles started by using a kernel for 2.1 (or worse 2.0.1) on a 2.2 phone.

    First try a factory data reset, then restore to your latest working backup. Then if that doesn't work and you still have a custom recovery image on your phone, you could use the master FRG22D update.zip method to probably fix your problem. It's in the unroot guide in my sig. then you can root using the rooting guide in my sig.

    Failing all that, you can find the actual FRG22D .sbf file in the Droid Files in my sig and then root using the guide in my sig.

    good luck
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    Overclock using SetCPU from the market. Any other method is risky, slow, clunky, and as you found out, dangerous. Flash a kernel, use SetCPU, and you have all the flexibility you could want as well as the ability to change things on the fly and on the go.


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