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Thread: Same Functions w/o Verizon?

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    Same Functions w/o Verizon?

    does anyone know what a droid can and can't do without a service provider?

    I have a palm pre plus along with my droid. that's 2 unlimited data plans im paying for. could i cancel my droid service, and connect it to my palm pre plus's mobile hot spot for any data transfer it needs, thus regaining nearly all of the droids fuctionality? im assuming direct calls and sms and so forth would be stunted, but able to rerout through things like google voice and skype, am i correct? i enjoy using the palm as a phone more than the droid, honestly, and i really just want my droid as an awesome android toy. but im not going to cut my awesome toy down at the knees and cripple it if thats what cutting ties with its contract means.

    will i basically brick it, or will i only lose its direct "phone" capabilities, which are handled quite nicely on my palm pre plus?

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    Market should work; that's Google, not Verizon. You'll have web browser, Market, and any app that doesn't require 3G to work.
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    no calls or sms

    everything else will work as long as you are on wifi


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