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Thread: New FRG01B build (OTA) not playing nice with SPRecovery

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    New FRG01B build (OTA) not playing nice with SPRecovery

    Hi Guys,

    First off, been rooted since I got my phone in December. Have loaded ROM after ROM, used RSDlite to get out of trouble, and created my own custom "rom" (just for me). I am posting this as an issue/observation and not one of those "crap, I bricked my phone and need your help ASAP"...

    Up until today I was running the most recent leak to 2.2 (FRG22) and had root and SPRecovery already include in the leak. Today I decided to download the new OTA leak (FRG01B) and noticed a couple of things. I fully understand that the new leak is not rooted nor does it have SPRecovery. I was planning on doing that myself once I had the stock ROM installed.

    1. The stock recovery has changed since the 2.1 days. It now has an option to "wipe baseband data". Not sure what this is or what it does but it is odd to me since I never noticed it before.

    2. Worse, the phone appears not to play nicely with SPRecovery. To install the new leak, I flashed back to 2.0 using an SBF I had saved from a while back. I then loaded the new leaked OTA update.zip and booted up fine, got to the activation screen, and signed into Google without issue. Then I decided to put SPRecovery on so I could root this version. After installing SPRecovery via another SBF file I had from long ago, I got the red battery issue that other posts have referenced and the phone would shut off. I noticed it said "Android System" in the notification bar before it rebooted.

    The OTA update to 2.2 works great stock but I really like having recovery and root and will try everything to get it back. Worst case I can flash back to an older SBF and start over and reload the previous leak of 2.2 that I have a nandroid backup for.

    I am going to play around with this to see if I can figure something out but do you think VZW/MOTO are locking down our Droid 1's with this new OTA update?

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    I have not heard of them locking the bootloader or recovery. This is the first I've heard of an issues with the new leak, but thanks for posting it so others can check into this as well.

    $.02, spend it as you please.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ned View Post
    It now has an option to "wipe baseband data". Not sure what this is or what it does but it is odd to me since I never noticed it before.
    This option does the obvious, it erases your baseband and leaves your device useless, as far as the update locking the Droid's bootloader, it has been discussed here and nobody really see's it as a concern, the Droid was designed to be unlocked, no need to lock it down now. Now trying to weed out the D1 with the DX&D2...that might be a possibility but locking down the Original Droid, probably not

  5. Droid Sensei
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    OP, some would argue with me, but i'd say try clockwork recovery instead. One of the problems with SPrecovery is that it hasn't been updated since the 2.0.1 days. For various reasons, it may not play "nice" with the latest OSes. Clockwork is constantly maintained, on the other hand.


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