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Thread: Root problem! help please!!!

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    Root problem! help please!!!

    I found out that my droid did root.... I think. I have superuser permissions. However I cannot get the current rom to backup no matter what I do. It keeps saying that it can't mount the sd card. Anybody know how to fix this? I am using Rom Manager now. I really hope I can make this work!!!!! I just want to get it back to stock or keep it rooted but get it fixed so I don't have to worry about it anymore!
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    You dont have it usb mounted to the computer do you?
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    lol, titans might be right.
    But if the card is not mounted on pc, then i would think the proper solution is reflashing the recovery... Go into rom manager and do sprecovery(it will be at bottom), then you can backup from their.(I like rom managers recovery but sometimes it wont boot, forcing me to boot sprecovery.) Its okay though, all you have to do from here is reflash koush's rom manager recovery after your backup and it should work. If not then you should just stick to sprecovery for now until koush fixes your possible error.... (you just will have to install roms sprecovery way) hope this helped.


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