I am currently in the same position many have faced with the inifinite boot loop and UDv10. I have followed the directions numerous times of (WipeData / WipeData / WipeCache / WipeCache / Nandroid Restore), and will encounter the boot loop usually anywhere from 5-10 min after the update is applied. I have tried the kernels from 800 to 1200 and even though I thought it would be stable on 800, the boot loop won in the end. I have also gone as far as completely unrooting to stock 2.0.1 and upgrading up to UD v10. And the loops still occur.

Now setCPU. I only briefly had it installed on 9.8 before I tried making the change so I am not as familiar with it as most. However I did follow the instructions on the setCPU post and I thought it was fixed. However an hour later and the boots returned without me even touching the phone. Are there any magic settings I can apply to setCPU that will fix this?

I have no idea what is going on. I immediatly install ATK and setCPU to try and beat the loop boot but it still happens. I have searched the forums and this is the closest thing to my situation that I have found. Are there any other solutions besides screwing with setcpu? For the time being I will be going back to 9.8 as it has 0 problems on my phone. I think it has something to do with the kernel but who knows.

(A couple lines turned into 3 paragraphs, sheesh. Sry bout that, thx for readin , any help would be kickass )