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Thread: Help! Lock/Off button acting up.

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    Unhappy Help! Lock/Off button acting up.

    Sorry for the Wall of text =/

    Ok, so I had Cyanogenmod ROM with Bekit 5 slot 800 Mhz standard voltage kernel installed on my droid when I decided I wanted to step up the speed and install the 7 slot 1 Ghz Bekit kernel. I did not wipe data or cache but I did create a backup (as I always do before installing anything). So once the process was finished and the phone rebooted, I changed the settings on Set CPU to give me a nice little speed boost. After launching linpack and happily seeing the results of my work I decided I had better get back to work. When I tried to turn my phone's screen off the button did not do anything. At first I tried changing the "keep screen off while charging" settings (which I thought was wierd b/c it would turn off before even WITH that setting on), but it did not change a thing. I then decided to load up my backup from before and noticed that it was doing the same thing. I have reflashed SPRecovery, reflashed Clockwork, fixed permissions, and have even gone back to stock 2.1 with root access but none have worked. My screen does turn off after the timeout and the lock button works but only in the lock screen. It does wake it up but it doesn't work anymore after I bypass the lock screen. Anybody have any idea as to why this might be happening and how I could fix it?

    edit: i flashed the .sbf file and all is good now! admins please close this thread please. =)
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    Closed at OP's request. Please PM me if you feel you would benefit from this thread being reopened because you are experiencing this issue or one like it!

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