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Thread: Droid 1 Resets When Turned On/off

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    Droid 1 Resets When Turned On/off

    Hopefully you guys may be able to help. I posted on another forum, but no one was able to help, and my poor Droid has been resetting for a week now . I have tried to organize the issue below...

    Issue: After turning the phone on, or rebooting the phone, it resets (i.e. I am greeted by the "Welcome to Droid" screen and all personal data has been wiped. Sometimes I get numerous force closes ( usually Android Keyboard) while at this screen.

    How It Happened: Not eactly sure. To the best of my memory, it occured after I rooted my phone and installed CM ( 6.1 I think?). I was reading about extending battery life, and someone suggested altering End Button behavior in Spare parts, which I did, and when I rebooted after that it reset. However, I dont know if that may have been the only time since installing CM that I had turned my phone off/on.

    What I Have Done To Fix It: Too many things to recall. Removed CM, wiped many many time, I have unrooted it ( via RSDLite and flashing a .sbf file ( I tried for both FRG22D and FRG01B)), I have re-rooted it and tried different a few different ROMs and kernels. BB and a Chevy kernel was actually stable for a while... but I kept messing with my phone and tried different kernels and ROM's, and the problem resumed ( stupid me... ' If it ain't broken don't fix it').

    I friend of mine suggested that the actual internal flash memory needs to be wiped, but I am doubtful as I assume RSD Lite would have taken care of it.

    Thank you for your help!
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    I have the same exact problem with my Droid 3. It now happens to my phone nearly every 12 hours and I'm starting to get frustrated. Let me know if anyone mentions any solutions!


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