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Thread: Why we dont take money or get paid: THIS IS WHO WE ARE

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    Lightbulb Why we dont take money or get paid: THIS IS WHO WE ARE

    About a year ago I wanted to root my droid. All we had as guides were the rootyourdroid website and a bunch of long guides that made it hard to follow. I was afraid and though I did root, i did not understand it and I was afraid of what I did to my device. Then sholesmod came around and took what was hard and made it easy. Sholesmod updater put the sholes rom on it which was good but had some issues in its infacy but it allowed for people to learn about rooting. I remember the first few days of that thread and I spend hour helping people get it going. And I remember some one having a problem with their phone and we pmed and opened all kinds of threads but no one was there to help. See I remember the fear and concern people have with rooting because that was me. One of my goals when I first came to the rs was to take the long and wordy guides and make it simple to read and include more videos. People want to learn but not every one can just catch on by reading, I know because I am the same way, seeing a video and making sure I see the same screen the other guy is looking at makes me feel at ease.
    In a year we have transformed the community as a whole, we help take the fear out of rooting and we provide the tools needed to help people learn about their device. Many have asked to pay and my response has always been the same, "your payment is to help the next guy who may have a similar problem that you have had, because of your struggle you are now in a position to help because you know what it is like to struggle and to triumph in the the end".
    That is who we are, we are the people who struggled and now we help others by being that guiding light who shows them the way. No matter what platform whether it be android, iphone, windows, or blackberry, people just want that friendly person to help them with their device and that is why we are here. We dont need money or take money because we did not pay the person who helped and taught us we give what was given to us which is the knowledge we have. This is why we are here and this is why we were formed, so late at night when someone needs a voice to help them we can be there for them. People may not realize what it was like before us. There were members who had the knowledge but was full of themselves and made you feel little for asking a question. Now people can feel safe asking any question and know we will be there to help and guide them. NO member who wears the RS badge will EVER tell a member that "search is your friend" or will they ever belittle a member. Those were our first rule to make sure members felt comfortable asking us a question no matter how many times it was covered. We never will get tired of answering the same question because we are here for them and them was once us. So this is why we never take money and will never accept any type of reward for what we do. We are here to repay those who helped us and to share the knowledge and keep the members feeling like we are their friend and tech reps when no tech rep can be found. We are users who love our device and respect the choice of others and will remain neutral in dev affairs. We are here to ensure that all rom users feel comfortable coming to us for help and that we will give them our best effort. In the communities darkest hour we will remain the light and the voice of reason. In the time of panic we offer hope. There is a reason why their is a light bulb by our name, because we are that light and we will shine when it is dark and offer help to those who are in need. This is who we are and this is why we shine, so let your light shine bright and continue to represent yourself, the community, and these forums in a good way.
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    and yes without any of you here, many wouldn't know what they know today. SO THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!

    Swype with an Aloha from Hawaii
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    I concur with this!
    I'm very thankful to have been modding for over 10 years now. These little handheld devices are so much fun to push to our own limits. Thankfully I've never had a issue with bricking my device, however, back in the Motorola i90 days, I lost some sleep at nights trying to figure out how I messed up flashing a radio update for a different device.
    WindowsMobile was the ish in regards to modding. Then Andy came.

    I consider myself old school regarding this as do you. Luckily, most of us are willing to lend a helping hand. Merely due to the fact when we were starting, all we caould rely on was answers to questions we've had.

    Thanks to all the RS supporting staff.

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