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Thread: Problems with 4.1.1 and PDANet+ WiFi

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    Problems with 4.1.1 and PDANet+ WiFi

    My wifi hot spot is not working anymore. Wanted to see if there is anything that I can do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mbelleville View Post
    My wifi hot spot is not working anymore. Wanted to see if there is anything that I can do.
    I just received the 4.1.2 Android upgrade (Jelly Bean) this morning on my droid razr max. I now have the same problem others do: My FoxFi/pdaNet+ wifi link has stopped working, with a message saying that Verizon has blocked wifi usage unless I sign up for $30/month. I would hate to have to do that for something that was free for the last couple years!!!

    (I've also heard that other major problems occur on the Razr/Max with 4.1.2 - like when you're on the phone and another call comes in both calls get dropped!! )

    What are the options? Not sure, but here are my thots:

    1. Is it possible to ROLL BACK to the earlier version (ICS)?

    2. Use pdaNet's USB tether connection to my laptop. Yeah, works great, but then how do I get my wife's laptop online at the same time? Also, awkward to to get online in a vehicle having to plug in the tether cable rather than just having the phone in my pocket in wifi mode.

    3. Use pdaNet's bluetooth mode? Haven't been able to get this working on either of my laptops yet. Not sure what the problem is. Getting message on "error creating 'Network service' connection with device 'Droid Razr' ". Also, saw a popup somewhere saying something like 2.x Mbps bluetooth bandwidth, as opposed to the wifi bandwidth of over 50Mbps (if I remember those numbers correctly). That would be a very significant bandwidth reduction.

    4. If we can't turn the Razr back into a wifi hotspot (with JB), then perhaps I can find a way to hardwire my phone's USB cable into my old Linksys router to use that as the hotspot. The router only has ethernet connectors on it however, so I can't just plug the USB cable into it. Is there a cable adapter from USB to ethernet? Could I use the USB tether to my laptop and "bridge" that connection to the laptop's ethernet connector and tie that to the router? How would I set up that bridge connection (on XP service pack 4)? Then I could connect my wife's laptop to internet via the router's wifi link.

    5. See FoxKat's post on the Droid Forum Pda net+ foxfi for a possible fix - IF we can figure out how to get to the SQL files he's talking about.

    Hope that PdaNet can come up with a fix for this very soon!



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