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Thread: Help to identify reason for JB freezing and rebooting?

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    Question Help to identify reason for JB freezing and rebooting?

    I've twice upgraded my RAZR MAXX HD to Jelly Bean with similar results. The phone seems fine at first and while in use, but will freeze and reboot randomly when not in use, several times a day. What's especially odd is that it seems to reboot more frequently during the morning and late evening. Between 8am and 10am it will reboot 4-5 times, but then seem fine for most of the day. As long as it is in use the phone seems perfectly fine. It will get to a point where the screen goes dark and the phone will not respond to button presses or bluetooth connections, nor indicate new messages, etc; the phone must be restarted with PWR + VOL UP/DOWN. Oh, and the phone doesn't get hot either. I've tried an FDR and it hasn't helped. I had no choice but to revert back to ICS and it was fine and stable for a week. I've googled and asked VZW tech support, but no one else seems to be having this problem with the OTA JB update. Is there a way to log resource usage by application, or watch activity via shell using adb? Starting with no apps and adding back a couple a day will take weeks and may not indicate the problem. I'll probably do it just to know that the problem is a third party app. Does disabling an app do the same thing?
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    My culprit was "Startup Auditor" carried over from my old Droid X. I would suggest no assuming that ANY of your old favorite apps will work on your new phone. Start fresh and add apps incrementally. You're better off getting app recommendations from a forum like this than using your old favorites.


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