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Thread: New Owner Recommendations Requested

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    New Owner Recommendations Requested

    My RMHD will be arriving on 12/21. I presume it will have ICS installed.

    After I get it working on the Verizon network, I plan to get it working with my wireless router. (If that should be problematic as some have reported, I will request an RMA and return it immediately. I am not going to waste time should it have trouble connecting to my DIR-655 which works great with all my other 802.11n gear).

    Should I immediately update to JB?
    If so, should I initiate an FDR after receiving the JB update?

    Should I configure the RMHD is a specific way to increase speed and/or battery life?

    Which apps, utilities, and widgets would you recommend I install?

    I would like to implement mobile hotspot without paying Verizon extra. A few folks have very recently reported they got FoxFi working with JB. Hope that is true. If not, is there another recommended app that will enable mobile hotspot operation?

    What else would you recommend?

    I plan to use Verizon's Asurion insurance program and I will be looking for a thin and light case to protect the RMHD.

    Thanks in advance for your inputs and feedback.


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