I made a folder and some sub-folders on internal storage. Razr HD/Internal/Pictures/Linda's Pics/ then 6 subfolders. Moved several (50 pictures in 3 of the subfolders) from PC to each subfolder. BTW, I am tired of Motorola Device Manager butting in! Okay, now back to my problem. When I go to My Gallery, I can see 3 of the folders. The others don't show (the ones that I didnt add pictures to) When I touch 2 of the folders, nothing. Just empty black squares. When I click on one of the folders, the pictures are there, like I had planned. So, I thought I would just delete the whole 'Linda's Pics' folder. I did and the 3 folders are still showing on my phone, in the Gallery?

First question: Is it okay to make Folders/SubFolders on the internal storage? I would think so!
Second: How do I get rid of the folders showing in 'Gallery' that don't show when I connect phone to computer.
And Third: How do you get Motorola Device Manager to leave you alone? Such a pig! And it keeps coming on as I type and is practically shutting my computer down! Maybe it is the storms on the East Coast? I'm about to give in to Device Manager just to get it to leave me alone! LOL