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Thread: few questions not sure if 5.0.2 related issues

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    few questions not sure if 5.0.2 related issues

    hi all, i have a had a few issues lately with my phone and not sure if its a problem relating to the phone, the PE rom, or the occasional lack of service coverage.
    so here we go

    1. i understand the whole thing with losing 3g after making a call with the 5.0.2, but lately i lose it when the phone is just sitting there in a full coverage area.

    2. i cannot send email thru gmail. i have sent a number of emails and they either stay "sending" in the outbox, or them come back mailer-daemon. with some reason. not sure if thats me or something else.

    3. random restarts of the phone sometimes just picking up the phone and unlocking it, it randomly goes to the gingerbread boot animation.

    4. i use beautiful widgets, and lately the temp in the notification bar disappears and nothing updates withthe widgets. then i reboot the phone and wind up having all kinds of email and notifications from liek the past few hours.

    5. when downloading apps and updating apps in the market, either everything is unsuccesful, takes 20 mins to start downloading( or have to restart the download multiple times,) and update all just doesnt work.

    those are a few of the issues. like i said i am not sure if they are related to the ROM or im doing something wrong. so any hhelp or insight into this would be appreciated.
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    Having the same gmail issue. Just went into application settings for gmail, cleared data, let it resync and was about to send an email.
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    I had the same gmail issue clearing data fixed it.

    As for the other issues is this a fresh install or have you been running this for awhile?

    I use beautiful Widgets and haven't had any issues. Try clearing data on that as well. If that doesn't get it try reinstalling it don't restore with titanium backup.

    You might try clearing your dalvik cache as well. that might help with the reboots and some of the other issues your having.

    Hope this helps let. Let me know.

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