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Thread: Locking apps in memory advice and opinions

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    I think this single feature makes PE GB dominate and I keep home, fancy widget pro as i am fancy and not beautiful and swipe-pad.
    Never looked back, and I really think that the longer my OG has had the GB ROMs out now on it the better everything seems to get.
    In fact I don't even lose data connection after phone anymore, it may go 1g but for maybe a second.
    But this mod of options of which apps to lock is amazing and should be patented by the geniuses behind it.
    Also I have noticed that with my OG ever since GB my phone never heats up and i mean nevah evah.
    I use same kernels that I did on froyo customs on some GBs but they could definitely get hot not just warm.
    I also have never missed a text on handcent or a single gmail or phone call.
    I really do think that what the apps on the phone are makes all the difference in the world.
    I mean there are a ton that are constantly connected to net, and they all would be used more than likely if one would.
    I imagine things like twitter and facebook always are either both kept or not, me not.
    Then there are tons of extra chat and im things and that means a ton of memory devotion or killing and restarting by GB and then the app and cycle owning the battery big time.
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    Hi I too use the the HOME_APP command line, but dont really know how to construct or add another entry to the local.prop file. Could you give me any kind of direction? I want to put my dropbox app in it because I use memory killer pro and it keeps cutting off my uploads before completion if the phone goes dim.

    Quote Originally Posted by pmr5019 View Post
    First off I would like to say that in other roms the lock home in memory check box never really worked all that well for me. if for some reason locking home in memory doesn't seem to end redraws for you then this is what I suggest. I found this on forum way back when and it works like a charm for me. Most of you may know this as well but I have told a good many people about it and a lot still haven't heard of it.

    *In no way am I taking credit for this but I do not know the source, I stumbled on it a long time ago.*
    open terminal emulator then type su and press enter

    then type this on the next line- echo ro.HOME_APP_ADJ=1 >> /data/local.prop

    press enter and then reboot
    After performing these steps redraws are very few and far between with LauncherPro loaded with 5 pages and 5 or so widgets.

    Secondly I wanted to see what the deal is with other users and locking some other apps in memory. The only problems I have been running into with PE GB killing apps is winamp. I will be playing a song and try to hop on the browser and winamp would get killed and stop playing. I have since locked it into memory and it seems to have cured it. I can load up my dolphin mini browser with tons of tabs and some flash content and winamp still plays like a champ through it all. The devs are warning people about leaving apps locked in and having too many locked in. I have been running with home and winamp locked in memory without unlocking winamp after using it and I can't see a difference. I am getting no lag or additional redraws.

    Is anyone seeing problems with leaving additional apps locked into memory? it just seems like a hassel to have to go in and unlock apps after using them (maybe except pandora or other really havy ones) so I plan on leaving winamp locked until I have problems. Just wanted to see what other users have to say about this new feature which is awesome so far.

    P.S. ^sorry for the book^
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