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Thread: i really hate att - a rant

  1. Master Droid
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    i really hate att - a rant

    two nights ago, there was a severe thunderstorm. there was one particular strike that hit really, really close to my home. it flipped a few breakers on my house and some of my neighbors house. my in-laws who live in the subdivision had some problems with their alarm system also. the next day, i check my internet, and its down, as is my phone. so, i call my provider- att.

    the agent on the phone told me they were getting a lot of calls in my area about lost service, and that itd be about a week before they could get to me. also, he informed me that i would be charged an $85 service charge because i had no service plan on my line. i laughed at him, told him to forget about it, and promptly closed my account.

    first off, why should i have to have an insurance plan on their property? the problem obviously is not within the walls of my home if there are multiple complaints of service outages in my area. like hell im going to pay for them to repair there own crap. god forbid i had actually agreed, and the technician got in a wreck on the way to my house. would i be financially responsible for his medical bills?

    anyway. comcast has 16 mbps, a speed att couldnt touch, at the same price i was paying att for both phone and internet. so for the first time in about 10 years, i am completely free of the hell that is att. so long crappy customer service! wont miss ya.
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    I had a similar situation where their product failed and they wanted to charge me. It was a month of nothing but headache after headache.

    I swear customer service in this world has gone to crap.
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    Wow all I hear about are complaint about att about customer service, my friend had problems with them. My mom and relatives had problems. While I do admit I wanted the iPhone when it first came out, my friends and relatives warned me about it. Glad I listened, I'm not touching that with a 100ft pole.


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