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Thread: Anyone purchase any Android Tablets?

  1. Droid Ninja
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    Anyone purchase any Android Tablets?

    What's your take on them?
    Worth the $?
    You get what you pay for?

    I own a IPad, but waiting for Galaxy Port is indefinite.

    Was thinking of buying one of these since they are inexpensive.

    What do u guys/gals think?

    Thanks for your input if any:-)
  3. Jer
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    I bought an Augen 78 from K-mart and it sucks. Resistive screen FTL. It was only $150 though so aside from the resistive screen it's not too bad. It's a little wanky and I question the processor and GPU stats they taught because it's VERY slooooow. I can't even stream NFL Red Zone over WiFi with it. I spent more time setting it up and getting all of my apps onto it (no Market access) then actually using it. It just sets now plugged in but not being used. I'm still within my 90days return policy and plan to return it before that expires. I had hoped it would meet my needs but upon buying it knowing that I could return it I quickly realized it was scat. I have a pre-order in on an Archos 101 and think I will be MUCH happier with this device. It has a 10" capacitive screen and a lot more features/options than the Augen that I currently have. It pretty much addresses all the issues I have with the Augen. I will return my Augen when the Archos shows up or the day before the 90 days is up, whichever occurs first. The Archos is twice the cost but is 5x the device and will actually get used which is more than I can say for my Augen.

    If you can try out one for a bit before you buy or make sure you can return it if you're unhappy with it. I feel for all the people who are ordering these 'good deals' on Hong Kong tablets that are running resistive screens and other shady features because they have no return policy. Sure they're cheap but take it from me... if it's unusable you'll be left with a $150 paper weight so make sure you get what you want even if it means paying a little more.
  4. Senior Droid
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    All the ones out right now are pure junk. It's the rush to get to market as many off-brand manufacturers are trying to get one out first and sell on the Android name tablet platform. None are competition to the iPad. As far as I know, none of the current ones can even get any apps from the Android app market. Their operating system is way behind and their screens are junk. There is a reason so many are under $200.

    I'm waiting for the better ones from known manufacturers, such as Samsung and Motorola to come out. Those should have newer operating systems (Froyo) with Flash support.

    My main use for a table would be browsing pages and reading my online articles on the Wall Street Journal, LA Times, etc. Unfortunately, Apple really screwed up the iPad by eliminating Flash. Personally, I look at many stock charts and the best ones run on Flash.

    So hang tight, some really nice stuff coming out, and I'm hoping before Christmas.
  5. Droid Ninja
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    The first two Android tablets that will be worth anything coming to market are the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Elocity A7, which also happens to be the ONLY Tegra 2 250 (read as dual core Cortex A9, all the rest are Cortex A8 based. There is a possibility though that the new Archos7 and Archos 101 tablets will be sleeper hits. Personally I am waiting on a tablet, just as I am a new phone, that has a Tegra 2 250 or other Cortex A9 dual core SoC before I go and get on. The Elocity A7 fits my need there but I would rather have a 10" tablet as opposed to a 7". We'll see how the reviews go before I make my decision.

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    It's OK for your Droid to be different. Just be supportive and reassuring and it will do just fine. It's when you or other people point at it or mock it for being different is when its' feelings get hurt. Just show it unconditional love regardless of its' differences and it will in turn reciprocate that love and loyalty.


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