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Thread: Star Wars Set For a 3D Rehash?

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    Star Wars Set For a 3D Rehash?

    From The Register:

    Star Wars set for 3D rehash ? The Register

    Apparently the Phantom Menace is undergoing a 3D conversion, due to be released sometime in 2012.

    Arguably the worst Star Wars movie of all time, and my fellow nerds will back me up on that, it's due to be first because it's "first" in the series. I wonder if this 3D conversion will add some depth to the rather flat and wooden acting of the actor playing mAnikan Skywalker.

    Also apparent from that news story is that George Lucas is waiting to see how successful the re-release is before re-releasing the re-releases of the rest of the movies, especially the original trilogy. Who wants to bet it'll be the "Special Edition" and not the original theatrical release when Episodes 4-6 hit the big screen yet one more time?


    (P.S. I'm a huge Star Wars fan. That's why the prequels bugged me so much.)

    And I'll start the war with this. Han shot first!
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    Quote Originally Posted by furbearingmammal View Post

    And I'll start the war with this. Han shot first!

    But I agree with the horribleness of Episode One.....it just failed...on SOOOOOO many levels i only saw it three times in theaters (yea don't freakin Judge I saw it once at mid -night by myself, once a day later with my ex who wasn't my ex at the time, an then I took my nephews.) but thats nothing compared to Two an Three!

    I think that this 3D thing would be a huge mistake from a fan point of view its pointless...from a money maken stand point....HELL YEA! Do it. People will pay to see it in 3D but i can honestly say I won't. No, now a days i get my star wars fill from the novels, which are honestly quite good.

    Also just a side note i refuse to watch the special editions because of all the edited Scenes...

    My 2 Cents
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    I just don't see how this is going to make the movies. Personally, I am still pissed when they redigitalized the return of the jedi and put hayden christensen at the end of the movie. For those of us that saw it, I was almost five, when it came out, it was perfect. I like change, but this is one thing that should be left alone before you can't even recognize it.


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