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Thread: Is this a good router??

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    Is this a good router??

    Hi all,

    I wanted to get a wireless router to connect my droid, ps3, xbox, bluray player, and computer to. Now I know nothing about setting up wireless stuff so would this router be a good choice???

    Newegg.com - Linksys WRT54GL 802.11b/g Wireless Broadband Router up to 54Mbps/ Open Source DD-WRT
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    Youre seriously asking this here? seems out of place to me, but i can see where it could fit in.

    IMO linksys routers are pretty good for wired connections but absolutely stink for wireless connections. Ive had 2 WRT54Gs, a WRT150n and a WRT160n (all flashed with DD-WRT at one point or another) and have had nothing but problems using the wireless. I was back home this weekend and actually had to resort to tethering my netbook to my droid because I couldnt get the damn wireless on the 160N to work correctly. Up at my apartment at college my roommates were always screaming at me because the wireless kept dropping out on the 150N and they thought i was always messing with it since I had it in my room.

    Just like everyone else will tell you no matter what question your asking: read around, do some research and form your own opinion.
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    The best wifi routers I have found are the Apple ones. I use a the time machine and it is great. The airport extreme will cover a pretty big house and i think its not too expensive.
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    The Linksys WRT54G series of routers are considered one of the best SOHO routers you can buy.

    I would recommend them over many other manufacturers (D-Link, Buffalo, Belkin, Netgear).

    Newegg has 2997 reviews of the WRT54GL on their site, 83% of customers give it 5/5 stars.

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    I would look into this one. It's obviously more expensive but current and is also an "N"...not just B/G.

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    This is the one I have:
    Newegg.com - NETGEAR WNDR3300-100NAS 802.11a&#47;b&#47;g&#47;n 2.4&#47;5GHz Selectable Dual-Band RangeMax Wireless-N Router up to 300Mbps

    ...honestly I couldn't be happier ...I haven't had any issues with my router. Yes, on a VERY RARE occasion I will need to restart my router (but that's once in 4+ months - if at all). I, personally, will NEVER purchase another Linksys item if I have a choice (prolly will go without if i have no choice for that matter).

    Why am I against Linksys?
    1) Their tech support is a flippin' a joke - no matter what I said / explained to them , they continued reading from the same list of questions that I HAD JUST explained / answered - but they still had to ask them apparently (i felt like i was talking to a machine). Seriously....and after talking to 4 of them in the span 1-2 nights, I kept going through the same issue(s).

    2) Their hardware / software I don't like..i know, "solid reason" ... but really...I've had more trouble configuring linksys routers, than I have my one netgear (notice how i said routers as in plural, for the linksys, but only "one" netgear? ...that's right)

    Mostly it boils down to the tech support souring my experience. I am an IT Help Desk Analyst / Support Technician - whatever you wanna call it. The help desk for linksys is a complete joke. It might as well be comprised of "your mom" and/or "your grandma" - they go down a list of questions from a paper...I kid you not....and they won't stray from the order of that list - even if you just rattled off the answers to the first 3 questions - in order, before they ask. I am of the honest opinion that their tech support has no actual knowledge, and is unable to think on their feet at all. ....also the linksys router conflicts with my Bridgemaxx modem
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