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Thread: Flashed with a wrong speed by a speed camera

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    Flashed with a wrong speed by a speed camera

    Today I was traveling behind a car at 34 MPH in a 35 MPH zone and we passed a mobile speed display radar . Approaching the radar the displayed speed was 34 MPH but right when I got in front of it the speed jumped at 50 MPH , it flashed me and went down at 34 again .
    Did anyone else got a ticket with the wrong speed from a mobile speedcam ? Do you know if all of them are taking two pictures so that the traveled distance can be measured in court and how hard is it to prove that ? Did anyone successfully contested a speedcam or should I just resign and pay the ticket , the extra insurance and save the money that a process would cost ?
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    I never heard of them doing more than just displaying the speed. They don't seem set up right to do that. I've gone under the limit but the display shows more than I'm going because it's looking a the car passing me, but I'm closer to the machine.
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    Always contest a speeding ticket, it slows things down.

    Having said that, wait for the ticket to arrive in the mail and look at the picture that comes with it. If the license plate is blurry enough there's question about the car's ID the ticket has to be thrown out of court.


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