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Thread: Need you opinions on school

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    My advice is somewhat different than you might find from others and it is based on my own real life experiences. Instead of pursuing a field that you think has the most economic opportunity, first consider this; is there any sort of work that you would like to do that you would actually be happy to perform without pay? If you can train and find employment doing that "thing," therein you will discover one of the real keys to happiness (you might make plenty of money, but on the other hand, it might not be the top salaried position... however, I can predict for you true satisfaction). Now that might be a hard concept to "get your head around," but it is a mental exercise which will be beneficial to you for the rest of your life. Whatever "that" is, train to be the very best you can be... everything else will follow.
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    thanks for all your comments, i really appreciate it. i'm leaning towards something in the medical field. i enjoy working with my hands and electronics. someone needs to work on all those electronics in the hospital right. i'm gonna check into that. hopefully i can start soon. i just didn't want to spend time and money studying a field where jobs are hard to come by. i'm lucky now cause i have 2 decent jobs that pay pretty well, but i feel like i'm in a rut and want to use this oportunity to change that. besides working 2 jobs takes it's toll on you after a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SILVER COUPE View Post
    i just didn't want to spend time and money studying a field where jobs are hard to come by.
    Anything in the medical field and you won;t have to look far for work.
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    Hey Silver Coupe. Disabled Army here and preparing to take the same deal you're doing. 44 as well and I can't wait. Friday is my last day with Raytheon after 6 years, going to look into Computer Science with studies in IT and Programming. Good luck to ya and thanks for your service.
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    Technology all the way. Then specialize in Healthcare IT. I dont care if I was 70....free schooling? Man Im paying a fortune for grad school as we speak. GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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