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Thread: Never though I'd pay full price for a phone

  1. Droid Ninja
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    Never though I'd pay full price for a phone

    I have a Dinc2. Wife had an iPhone4. Her contract was up.
    We shopped for some phone because unlike so many other people she is not a fangrrl and was willing to try any phone, Android iOS, or even WIndows.
    Her #1 thing was a good camera, and good call quality. iPhone4 sucked at phone quality.
    Totally willing to give up her unlimited data. 2GB was more then enough for her.
    She decides on the iPhone5. It did have the best quality camera at the time.
    Current plan cost was around $75.
    So we are upgrading on the website. New data plan cost with 2GB of data: $100.
    Well that sucks. For giggles, let's see what it would be if we paid full price.
    The plan drops to $70.
    OK let's do a little math:
    $199 for the phone. $30 extra a month for limited data on a 2 year contract. = $919.
    Pay full price for the phone: $650 + $50 tax/shipping. = $700.
    So we save: $219 over 2 years by paying full price.
    And if she keeps the phone for 30 months? That's another $180 savings.
    And unlimited data.

    Just wanted to share. Never in a million years did I think I would pay full price for a phone.
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    Yup, that is awesome. I've looked into that and it does usually pay off to pay full price instead of subsidized. It is smoke and mirrors to make it look better.
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    Yup. That's why i opted to grab the Note 2 full price. You pay more up front, but save in course of 2yrs.


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