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Thread: i'm rich!

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    lmao i got like 100 calls from a private number with a arab accent saying I wont 5 million,BUT I need to send $1,500 TO SHIP the money on the "jet".
    LMao I mean come on! Who ships money..... They always called me on restricted but I have a service Called TrapCall on my phone where it unblocks them.
    Follow me on twitter,it helps improve airport security.
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    LOL..you guys are all dumb for falling for that..I got 100,000,000 from a Nigerian Prince. I just need to send him my bank acount info for a electronic deposit. I told him I prefer a check..1 of the big ones like in Happy Gilmore.
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    Welcome to the 419 Eater

    Just one of the many fine articles there on getting even...scamming the scammer:

    The Road to the Skeleton Coast

    make sure you click the link to get to the "complete story"
    The Road to the Skeleton Coast
    It starts off:

    From: Troy McClure
    To: Steven Okoma
    Date: Jun 30, 2006 08:14 AM
    Subject: Your email


    Please do not take offense to this but I know that your letter is a scam. I see a lot of these types of letters. Honestly, that is OK with me. I need the help of someone like you. Maybe you and I can work together on a project that I guarantee will make you more money than 20 years of scam letters.

    I work as a maintenace person for a group that does geological surveys in Namibia. Being the maintenance person, I have the keys to every building and every room here. A few weeks ago, I was working in one the buildings and found that money is stored there. I did not take the time to count it, but I could clearly see that there was several hundred thousand dollars.

    I can easily get my hands on this money but I cannot leave with it. It would be obvious who took it if I disappeared at the same time the money did. What I need is a partner, someone who can physically pick up this money, get it far away from here, and hold onto to it for about a month or two until I can meet with them and divide it up.

    I have written to a couple other people like you about this. All they do is ask me to send them money. They act like common beggars. I do not need a beggar. I need a partner.

    You interested?
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