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Thread: Wet phone. How long in rice?

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    Wet phone. How long in rice?

    I dropped my phone in Tuesday night and managed to pull the battery out before the phone turned off itself by short circuit, that keeps me calm that it will work once dried.

    So anyways, I put some uncooked rice into a small food container, and have placed my phone along with the battery at that night. It's now Saturday and I'm thinking of finally turning it on tomorrow (Sunday noon).

    Should I do it? Has 5 days been long enough for it to dry out? I have not used anything like hair dryers or such, I just wiped it with a clean towel before placing it in rice and it's been there ever since.

    Also sorry if this is the wrong board, I really have no idea where this thread is suitable most.
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    The CNET YouTube torture tests are normally 48hrs.
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    Did you say twenty hail droids?

    Good luck on the recovery.
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    I just saw this thread, so this might be too late...


    The rice grains produce dust particles that propagate through the phone's internals which stick to the moisture inside and forms a paste on the circuit board. Go to a Home Depot, Wal-Mart, or a gun shop and buy silica dissicant (gel). It's the stuff in the little packs that they put in shoe boxes. It traps hundreds of times more moisture than rice, and it doesn't have a dusty residue. Suspend your phone in a deep pie pan filled with the gel pellets, have the pellets under and on top of the phone and covering every part.

    Don't use a hairdryer or excessive heat because there's a good chance that you'll ruin the internal adhesives that hold some components together.

    You may use alcohol to flush out contaminants (like salty sea water). If you use alcohol it must be at least 95% denatured alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is only 70% and not effective. Be sure to check what the alcohol is denatured with. Do not use anything other than methanol. Any other kind of alcohol will damage your phone. Rinse the phone through with alcohol and blow or suck out the excess NOT WITH YOUR MOUTH USE COMPRESSED AIR OR A WET VAC. Alcohol is flammable so this should be done outside or in a well ventilated area.

    To blow the moisture out use compressed air.

    This worked on an iPhone that was dunked in Costa Rica by my wife. She left it in a zip-loc bag for 3 days until she got back home (great going, hon.). I gave it an alcohol flush and put it in the silica for four days. Once a day I placed a glove warming pack under the pie pan to provide a VERY gentile amount of heat. It worked well enough to sync one last time to retrieve all of it's data and photos. The next day it began to get funky and died.

    Good luck, sorry I didn't see this earlier.
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    Alcohol flush always works for me


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