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Thread: OT.. just curios how many of us own MAC computers??

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    Never owned a Mac. I did use them extensively in high-school though. I've always needed to do CAD stuff with software that's just unavailable on Macs, so they were always kind of ruled out as an option.
    I did have to write software on a Mac for a class in college and it was AWFUL. Took eons to compile the simplest c++! Same compiler on my dinky old craigslist laptop handled it in about 1/10th the time! It wasn't just that though, the macs took forever to do ANYTHING.
    Other than that, they charge $400 for a $100 hard drive so I'd never buy from them anyway.
    I did like my iphone 3gs a lot though! Til I switched to the bionic and found out just what I was missing!

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    I was trying to attach a file on my friends mac so I could submit the file online. I put in the USB went to my email and normally with windows u click on attach and then u go to c drive and there is the file. With the mac u have to go into finder and all this fancy stuff and it still wouldn't detect. Regardless to say it took me half an hour of using Google to find out how to attach a file.

    I asked my friend with the Mac to help me he couldn't figure it out either. But he says its the best thing out.

    It looks pretty. The mouse is cool when its working half of the time. And the keyboard is cute I guess.

    The only thing I like about Mac is how you can run several operating systems at the same time through parallels. Everything else is bleh. I hate windows. Linux ideally is the best OS, too bad it has very little support. Other than that I do prefer Mac to windows but I would never pay the huge difference

    Go chrome os!
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