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Thread: Has anyone ever worked for Scholastic Inc?

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    Has anyone ever worked for Scholastic Inc?

    They hire a bunch of different people. They have CDLed drivers, office people, and warehouse workers which consist of average joes and college students working part time.

    I'm curious about their background checks. I worked there for 4 months through a staffing company when the local warehouse was in turmoil. It was so bad that corporate was there supervising us all. I was the only person out of a bunch of people from the staffing company who was asked to stay after a few days. I LOVED THAT JOB!

    Corporate said I was definitely hired. I explained to them that I had a few misdemeanors and they said it was fine. Well, ultimately they didn't hire me because of 4 battery charges that were a few years old at the time. Now they are 8 years old AND I have since held another job for 4 years. I have references from there and I'm 100% positive that the people who I worked with in the warehouse would want me back. They sent for me through the staffing company once since then but I didn't return their call because I'd got another job.

    I've been checking their website for a long time and they finally have posted a few want adds. I have applied and will be swinging by the warehouse tomorrow. Now, to those who have worked there I ask...how far back does their background check go? I hope it's just 7 years like alot of background checks concerning jobs.

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    Never heard of the company to be honest. Good luck though!
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    You know...the bookfair, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Curious George, etc. But I guess nobody here has worked there.

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