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Thread: Wii/Xbox Kinect/PS3 Move

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    Wii/Xbox Kinect/PS3 Move

    We have a Wii, but I'm intrigued by the Xbox Kinect system...

    Thoughts on the comparison of these 3 systems? I'm not really much of a "gamer", looking for something that's SIMPLE for kids to control, SIMPLE for kids to use and "just works" (stable platform that won't crash & brick).

    We've been happy with the Wii, but the Kinect caught my eye over the Christmas season and I was curious now that it's been out for a while what people think of it in comparison to the Wii. I'd never heard of the PS3 Move system til this morning, but I'll welcome comments on that too!

    Certainly this is a LOT like the Boeing/Airbus, Piper/Cessna, Coke/Pepsi arguments... just curious to hear others' experiences and thoughts on the different platforms, especially now that Kinect has been out for a few months and people have had the chance to spend some time using it!

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    I played the Kinect when it first came out. If it wasn't for my small living room in my apartment and price I would probably already have one. They are a blast! I would guess it would be great for kids since there aren't any actual controllers to hold.
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    I have a ps3...but no move. I prefer kinect even though I like ps3 over 360! I'm not into motion gaming (yet)...but kinect seems awesome...playstation move is just like the wii but slightly better in motion and better graphics...I got a ps3 because of gran turismo 5 and blu-ray...both systems are alike...but kinect is better

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    the wii is really limited. I feel the kinect is very fun, but outside of dancing games or basic wii rip-off games, there isnt much you can do without a controller. The move is SCARY precise, turn your wrist and your player holds his ping pong paddle differently, plug your Move controller into a plastic gun and play TimeCrisis 4, use the move to play SOCOM or LBP2, use the PS3 as a blu-ray player. I feel the Move has the most longevity


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