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Thread: Verizon+AT&T iPhone 4 will put the Droid platform to bed in 2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by xRITE AIDEx View Post
    What I want to know is why everyone is so eager to jump on the 4g bandwagon. I DON'T LIVE IN A 4G AREA. In which I may not get it by the end of 2013.

    Point being is that I'm getting iphone(upgrading from D1 last jan.) In which I'm banking on the fact that verizon can't get the iphone5 or whatever comes in June due to the exclusive deal with AT&T.In which I'll buy the iphone now and then get the next one in 2012 since 4g isn't nationwide till 2013.

    Also personally I don't like any of the 4g phones just the look of them just doesn't give me good feelings. If the DroidX was 4g I'd be all over it but the Bionic just doesn't suite me and also I have also wanted an Iphone since 2007.
    You should absolutely get the iPhone then. Your Droid has served you well, and now its time for an upgrade ^_^.

    Its my opinion that Apple will want to avoid showing any preference to either US carrier, and will most likely release the iPhone 5 for both AT&T and Verizon on the same day, even if that means pushing the release date a little further out to compensate. This also says to me that the iPhone 5 will be an incremental upgrade, similar to how the 3GS was just a faster 3G in the same form factor. The CDMA iPhone required an antenna redesign, and it doesn't sound like Apple wants to engineer a new phone just yet. They are probably waiting for LTE to take off and build a single world phone that works on both networks everywhere.

    I'm going to wait, since I'm still under contract for the Droid X until June. But if the iPhone is something you want and you're ready to upgrade, go for it. It'll still be a great phone six months from now, even if a new model is out.
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