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Thread: At&t

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    So i went into an ATT store last weekend to see what droid phoens might be on the horizon (Xperia or Desire) and they said no and the {vomit in my own mouth} Backflip was their flagship droid phone for a while. Then i ranted on how the Iphone (which i have) stinks and ATT needs a better selection. the man then proceded to tell me "oh but the new iphone is coming out" with a huge grin..... I dont think he understood i meant "the iphone sucks".

    DOES ANYONE have any good info on a decent droid phone coming to ATT cause my contract doesnt end for quite some time, due to work i need to have data on my phone (and unforutnatley the iphone does have the best browser on ATT's horrible selection) and i WILL NOT buy another apple product!

    Anyone work for ATT that can anonymously fill me in?

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    Well as of right now the rumor is that AT&T will be getting the Samsung Galaxy S and the LG LU2300 "Aloha". When and whether or not this is true has yet to be confirmed. What I can say is that the Backflip wouldn't be too bad of a device if it had 2.1 on it. My wife has one and it isn't all that bad. Problems with it right now are it runs Android 1.5 w/ MotoBlur and it hasn't been or for that matter cannot be rooted.

    Your other option for AT&T right now is to buy an unsubsidized Nexus One for AT&T's network which Google offers. It is still available at Nexus One Phone - Web meets phone. for $529 unsubsidized. Other than that well... you are outta luck.
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    On a side note:

    Based on this user's post alone I think Verizon's money has been spent well because he thinks Android phones are Droid phones.


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