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Thread: What's Verizon telling "uninformed" iPhone buyers?

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    What's Verizon telling "uninformed" iPhone buyers?

    I only know two people who bought iPhone4s from VZW. Neither are very tech savvy, both came from Droid 1s. Both were under the impression the iPhone4 was a 4G phone. I cannot confirm that VZW told them this or if they thought this based on the 4 in the name. They had no idea that an android based 4G phone was 'coming soon'.

    One also thought he could tether, isn't that only available with OS 4.3 that isn't out yet?

    Do you know anyone or did you purchase a VZW iPhone4? What were you told or implied?
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    I hear that AT&T iPhones can do data operations (eg. browse web) in the middle of a voice call, but the Verizon iPhone can't.
    I wonder if that's the same issue with AT&T vs. Verizon Android phones as well.

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    I work for AT&T but I carry a Verizon phone as my personal one as I am lucky enough to have stayed on a family plan in which my parent's foot the bill. This is a common misconception for many customers. I would probably say that 80 percent of the customers that walk into the store have no clue that the iPhone 4 isn't the iPhone 4G as in "generation". We always inform them that the phone is, in fact, not a 4G compatible device such as the Atrix or the Inspire which are 4G. I've had a Verizon rep tell me that the TBolt (that I was lucky enough to snag after they misinformed me) was going to be available on the 28th of February at their store. If it wasn't for my grandfathered data plan and free-99 phone bill, my entire family would be with AT&T. The Verizon reps have also informed me that the iPhone4 for verizon is better than AT&T's...Haha on that one! I'm not a huge iOS fan myself but the Verizon CDMA iPhone will not do voice and data at the same time, isn't a world phone, and doesn't have the option of the wonderful UVerse Mobile application either.
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    To me the big difference between VZW and AT&T IPhone is the 3G speed. Global is important, really, only to a small % of business users.

    And seems those points (and others) still have people flocking to AT&T for the IPhone. 3.6M units in Q1, +1M vs. last year (and 23% or so, nearly 1M, new subscribers).

    Interesting stuff. We know VZW sold a lot of IPhones, although probably not nearly as many as some expected, but looks like AT&T didn't even blink.

    So if you add in VZW, IPhone should easily sell 20M+ this year, which would beat even optimistic forecasts. But then Android is still pulling away in share, so seems the smartphone market is exploding past even lofty expectations. I think the average forecast was like 50% growth in the US, and it obviously appears to be on a considerably better pace.
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    Verizon reps arent very bright....but honestly consumers need to do more homework before purchasing something and signing a contract for it, IMHO.
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    Actually the tbolt allow for voice and data. But like cpjr said consumers need to go to the corporate stores and play with the device and talk to people who uses it. Also ask what you want your phone to do. Both iphone and android are good devices. There are people who I think will benefit more from iphone than android because all they want is basic phone first and a few apps to play with. I had them both and I prefer android because of the many tweaks, but with android sometimes you have to tweak it out of the box for functionality and I dont mind that but others will have a huge problem with paying that typr of money and having to do that. Similar to people paying money for a car to fix up and mod, while others pay for a device and want it all set up and ready to go.


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