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    I had been excited about the Droid X and purchased it the first day it was available. My excitement has turned to a love/hate relationship. My first droid worked for about 2 weeks and then half the screen stopped working. My second one, will go through the different home screens by itself with no help from me, the screen went black another time and would not work at all and they said it was the battery and replaced it. I still have the problem with screens switching back and forth on their own and I have to either pull the battery or do a hard reset. That gets old very quickly. The store tells me its on warranty and they can send me a new one but how many new phone do I need to find one that works all the time. They also tell me that no one else has any problems with their phones but you can't tell me that out of all the phone purchased that I am the only one with problems. I will have to say that when the phone works it does work very well. I would like to love the phone all the time but currently feel that when I can upgrade next July that I will get a different phone.
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    Welcome! Sorry you are having issues with your X. In view of how the current phone is switching screens, I would suggest that you get another replacement. What you are explaining is not normal.
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    Welcome to the forum. I too am sorry that you are having so many troubles. As Mike said the actions you are describing are not normal and I would return it to Verizon. I do not think Verizon puts a limit on how my replacements you can have if you are having legitimate issues with your phone and I personally believe you are having very legitimate issues.


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