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Thread: n00b

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    hello there! so heres my story about how i gave in to getting a doid after making fun of my boyfriends obsession with his droid x for about 6 months:

    just a month ago i had bought a shiny new Palm Pre Plus. i like little phones so i basically went for the smallest, nicest looking (and what seemed to be cool) phone. about two weeks ago i was in the bathroom of a raunchy club as it popped out of my back pocket and into the not yet pee filled toilet... :| i took it out as fast as possible not caring about how disgusting this public toilet water was and immediately removed the battery hoping to save my basically brand new phone. the night had just begun so i had to wait until the next morning to pop it in some rice and hope for the best. left it inthere for 4 straight days and the POS wouldnt even do so much as turn on. water damage only showed on the battery so i went to verizon to maybe try a new battery in it, but that was a no go.

    after giving up all hope on my beloved palm, a verizon IT guy suggested i get a used droid of some sort because in his opinion, they were better anyway and it wasnt worht getting a new and seriously overpriced palm pre. knowing how incredibly WEAK verizons selection is with refurbished phones, and after doing some research and comparisons with all the androids, turned to ebay. the motorola DROID seemed to be the best and cheapest option, so i went for that. and also because it wasnt as big as my head and could actually fit in my hand.... unlike some of the newer models (cant remember which one it was, but there was one in the store that was just incredibly massive).

    after having my droid for about 2 hours,i realize it is about 10,000,000x better than my palm was. i didnt realize how ****ty and skimpy the app store was onthe pre compared to the doid market... nuts. looking at my palm now, it is nothing compared to this phone and i cannot even believe the full price is 600-f'ing-dollars... damn.
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    quite an interesting (revolting?? ) journey to droid world!!! but, glad you made it - welcome to the forum!! no matter what mental/emotional scars might remain, i think you've begun to understand the power of Droid! browse around in here, and you'll be even more amazed at what power you have in your uriney hands!!! jk...

    there's tons of info in here, and even more friendly and helpful people. stick around and join in the fun!!!
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    Welcome! Glad you joined us. Like you, I believe the Droid's are the best phones on the market today. You have taken a different path to get here but now that you've arrived, I hope you enjoy you stay.

    Forgive your enemies it messes with their minds!
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    to the forum. I believe you will find this forum extremely helpful in learning all there is to learn about your new droid. So sit back, kick your feet up and stay a while.
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    The Palm app selection is horrible for sure. Also very few free apps that are worthwhile.

    Sorry you had to go through the crapper to get here but in this case the end has justified the means....

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