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Thread: Natalie here!

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    Red face Natalie here!


    Just got my droid X about a week ago... got the droid 2 initially, but once I was introduced to the swype technology, I found the pull out keyboard a nuisance (that which I originally thought I would go for the 2 for) Any rate, so I'm loving this phone. I'm not a newbie to the smartphone, but I am to the droid where I can essentially control 'everything' on it... so I feel like I've got a ton to research and get straight in order to customize and get it laid out like I want. So that is why I'm here

    Anyway, not big on intro's so I'm done here lol. I'll be trying to make my way around to figure out how and what this 'launcher' deal is and which is best, and ways to extend batt life, and a few accessories like ext. battery and desk chargers/car mounts "that fit with a case on" ... which is what I'm running into issues finding clear answers on. I am holding out for the otterbox defender case however, regardless, I'm really wanting that case.

    Any words of wisdom or advice would be awesome. Later!
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    Welcome! Glad you joined us are are enjoying your X. I do not use a launcher so I'm not able to make any recommendations.

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    Welcome to the site....

    We also have a X forum Droid X Forum
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