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Thread: New guy

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    New guy

    I'm new to smart phones all together and I own a Droid X. I got it this week and i have no idea how to use it or how to use any of the apps. I would like to know if there are any apps that i should get to manage my phone easier and how to save the battery life.
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    Welcome to the forums, man that's quite a phone to start off on your Smartphone journey.

    Trust me you will pic it up in no time, and find your self to be one of these people that walks through the city lookin down at their phone instead of looking to were they are going... lol

    White Killer
    : Is the best app to start off with to 'save battery life'.
    See apps - even preinstalled phone apps - stay on after you turn on your phone, just like a PC, you know you turn on your PC and there are like 20 programs running to slow down your PC that you don't want, and then you have to type MSCONFIG under 'RUN' on your PC to get them to stop..

    Well white killer is like your MSCONFIG for the PC. it's VERY SIMPLE! After installing white killer open it and select 'Kill All' and it stops everything that doesn't need to be running, it will not hurt your phone in any way.

    NOW, if there is a program running that you don't want to stop when you hit 'Kill All', when you open 'White Killer' search for the app that is running and you don't want it to stop, put your finger over the name of the app and wait for the window to popup and select "IGNORE" this way when you hit "Kill All" that app will e ignored, to un ignore follow the same steps.
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