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Thread: Just ordered my Droid....

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    Just ordered my Droid....

    And canceled my AT&T line! I hope I'm not going to miss my iPhone that much. It supposed to be here no later than Friday. Got it for 120.00 on Mobile Dell!!

    I've been lurking here while trying to make up my mind on getting the Droid or upgrading my iphone. Thanks for all the help so far!
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    Welcome to the forum. I'm sure there will be an adjustment period as you un-learn the Jeebus phone OS and get used to the Droid. But it'll be worth it. Especially when you're standing next to a Pod Person who can't get a 3G signal, and you're surfing away, happy as a clam.
    Disclaimer: I work for Verizon, but I do not work wireless. I do, however, design the data circuits that connect all those lovely little cell towers.


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