Hello all, I'm new to the forums and new to having a rooted droid. I decided to root my droid because a lot of the apps I want are mainly for "rooted" users. I also like the cool looks of the rooted phones. With that being said, I do need a little help with the whole process. I am using a motorola droid.
firmware 2.1
Baseband c_01.3e.03p
Build ese81

I am interested in finding out about overclocking my phone and installing one of jrummy's rom(pink). It looks like I have to install cyanogen in order for it to work (correct me if I am wrong). Also if I read correctly the rom is for firmware 2.2.

I added cyanogen rom before and my superuser access disappeared and when installing rooted apps it said I didn't have root access so I recovered the rom used in rooting instructions.