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Thread: Small Business Owner Just Bought an Incredible

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    Small Business Owner Just Bought an Incredible

    Hello Everyone,
    I have already found this forum very helpful with my new droid incredible. I absolutely love the phone and will give my pros and cons after addressing some issues I am hoping to get some help with. Thanks in advance.

    I am a small business owner. I own a roof and exterior home cleaning company. I am looking for someone to make an app that will help me keep the business organized. What I would really like is a sales lead app. Something that I can enter customer info, product interest, and a way to label them as "sold" "not sold" "needs installed" "completed". And some type of alert system that would have specific alerts for the "label" given to each specific customer. I believe this could be a very popular app being used by business owners and sales reps who need a way to keep track of leads on their mobile phones. I have sales reps that work for me and it would be great if we could exchange all the information automatically.

    For example:
    A customer calls me and requests and estimate.
    I enter customer info (name, address, phone #, product interest, ect) into app and label the lead as "Needs Estimate"
    The app would then alert me at a time set by me before that appointment.
    I go to the customers home and would enter information about them (square footage, pricing, specials, ect ect.)
    Label the lead as "Sold and Needs Completed" and enter a work date and time or "gave estimate for $300"
    Again an alert for work date. (would be really great if the customer info and work date could be sent to the laborers calendar once sold"
    Then be able to label the lead as :completed".

    I hope I was able to explain the theory of the app I need. If you have any questions or comments please please leave them.

    I also am an avid podcast and talk radio listener. Any hints?

    I really like my new droid. Phone call quality is a little poor. Battery life not great. (Is there a better battery to buy). There is no VZ Access For Droid and Macs which means I can not use my droid for mobile web with my mac, a feature I was really hoping to use. I hope verizon is working on making it compatible.
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    As for the app request you might want to ask a mod to move your post to the App Development section, or asking a established developer on the market...App developers looking for something to build is a rare thing here...there is a Seidio Extended Battery but there have been reports of forum users getting bad customer service from them. I think HTC is coming out with one also, not sure
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