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Thread: The Froyo Thread is Ridiculous!

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    Quote Originally Posted by christim View Post
    +1 for a "upcoming android features" section.

    If the issue is lots of 2.2 threads in the "Active Topics" view then this won't solve that. It will at least keep them in one area.

    Maybe an example for 2.2 would be new threads created for each feature being included in the release as stickies up top then as other speculate/wish for other features or hear about them they sink or swim as most threads do. If the rumor/speculation turns out to be fact, then make it a sticky with the others up top. That would encourage w conversation on each topic...bluetooth, streaming audio, maps that stay oriented, JIT, faster browsers, etc. Folks who could care less about bluetooth wouldn't have to wade through those posts to get to the Flash stuff.
    Here's the issue. Let's say we say ok, faster browsers. Someone creates a thread on faster browsers and it falls off the front page. You know as well as I do that people don't use the search. So a day goes by and someone else starts a thread on the same subject. How as moderators we suppose to keep track of all these "specialty" areas. Next thing you know we have 10 active threads on the same topic . Not meaning active in the active topics area but just threads that are taking up resources.

    Then you say well, you can just merge those threads but then we have to do what the member should have done in the first place and search. And we'd have to do that with every "new" topic to make sure that this hasn't already been discussed.

    We have 70K members now and only so many mods available during certain times. We have plenty to keep us busy as it is right now. And we don't want 50 threads on the same subject because then the members get sick of seeing it and start complaining, which also leads to flaming. I just don't see it as a doable idea.

    I do think that it was a mistake to merge Sals thread, but hey, we're human you know? As I said we do take into consideration if the thread is unique. We don't want to just dump that into the 2.2 thread, we would like to see conversation on those.

    Just giving you my point of view. Hope I explained it well.
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    Good explanation Hook. I definitely see both sides. Make it manageable and usable.
    No doubt it is much easier to toss all 2.2 threads into one bucket than to figure out that it belongs in the 2.2-Bluetooth vs 2.2-Flash thread. although, it might not be much harder because the thread is getting moved anyways. Especially if the 2.2 area is limited to one topic items which should be features that are known, or rumored to exist in it. If the main topics are sticky they are easy to find for merging.

    Either way, the admins will figure something out. Not all suggestions are taken but I do get the strong feeling they are listened to and mulled over. Can't ask for more than that.

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    There is one 2.2 thread. Just as there was one 2.1 thread....

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