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Thread: BlackBerry Storm -----> Motorola DROID

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    Mail may be the issue. I'm hearing up to 15 minutes for mail to show up (non-gmail). That is a deal breaker.

    I have a dummy mailbox setup (just for testing). Right now my berry is watching the mailbox (IMAP IDLE) and it takes about 45 seconds to show up. I'll go to a VZW store and setup my dummy mailbox to see how long it takes to show up.
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    Not really minding the fact that i have to push it, but when at work i'm out of my office a lot without shutting down outlook they wont push. Kinda miss that a bunch, but i'm sure i'll get over it
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    Storm vs Droid

    I also too came from Storm and is like day and night. I had lost of problems with my Storm and received 4 replacements in a 6 month time frame. With the Droid my phone has not crashed once and everyone likes it, but most important I like the phone much better that the Storm. Not sure what Verizon is coming out by December and that is the only reason why I may take the phone back. Am afraid verizon will come out with Passion and it may be a better phone. Any takes on that one???

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    I'm sitting here staring down at my BB Storm on my desk right now. By the time I return to work tonight, I should be staring at my Droid instead.

    I like the Storm, and the 5.0 software update made some very welcome improvements, but I see a world of potential in the Droid that just made me wet with anticipation.
    Disclaimer: I work for Verizon, but I do not work wireless. I do, however, design the data circuits that connect all those lovely little cell towers.
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