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Thread: Droid/Milestone = iphone killer ?

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    Milestone IPhone Killer

    Lightbulb Droid/Milestone = iphone killer ?

    Who thinks that the Droid/Milestone is the iphone killer?

    Please discuss pros and cons of each and how to upgrade the Droid/Milestone so that it can perform better.
  3. Developer
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    Different phone, for different purposes, and targetting different folks.
  4. Droid Ninja
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    Quote Originally Posted by adrynalyne View Post

    Different phone, for different purposes, and targetting different folks.
    I'm with adrynalyne on this one! But welcome to the forum!
  5. Master Droid
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    For a definitive response, we're going to have to go Lord of the Flies on this. Stick them both on an island with a limited food supply and some sharp sticks. Check back in 8 weeks and see who's alive.

    In all seriousness, this is so incredibly subjective that actually deciding anything is impossible. What one person sees as a pro, another very well may see as a con. It's like opening a box of crayons and asking if dark sienna is the killer of brown. They're similar but different and each has its use and its own fans. Not to mention that cool crayon sharpener built in to the box. Do they still do that? And what's up with having both red-orange and orange-red in the same box? Seriously? And since when is Crayola allowed to just entirely make up words for colors?...... wait, what were we talking about? Ah fudge, I said this was going to be in seriousness...


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